4 Benefits of the CBD Oil Everyone Should Know by Now


Known as (CBD), Cannabidiol is a high researched oil with several medicinal applications, and one of the almost 100 cannabinoids which are found in Cannabis. It is also “non-psychoactive” component, meaning that it doesn’t produce the “high” effect related to the Cannabis use, what actually makes it proper for patients who worry about mental effects implied as the rest of cannabinoids.  It has been proved this type of oil is known for offering a lot of benefits to people’s health and can improve the life quality of patients all over the world. Due to this here are 5 benefits that CBD produce:

It’s Analgesic

After several studies in animals and human beings, scientists revealed, back in 2008, that CBD offered analgesic effects. This means CBD has the wonderful quality of relieving pain. This product makes our immune system and brain receptors, to reduce inflammation and pain, acting as an analgesic without side effects on patients.


The CBD has also proven to be useful in order to prevent seizures. In fact,  a recent study published in The New England Journal of Medicine revealed that young adults with the Dravet syndrome, a type of epilepsy, were provided with CBD for this trial, and reduce in about 38,9 % the frequency of their seizures.

Reduce Anxiety

As another benefit, this oil also has been used for studying mental disorders, or more specific, in a research in the University of Sao Paolo, where scientists concluded that CBD reduces anxiety in social anxiety disorder, and reflecting in the limbic and paralympic brains areas.

Cancer Treatment

Additionally, other researches stated that CBD could be used to fight cancer in multiple ways. Pre-clinical studies have also shown CBD has been effective as an antitumoral drug and helps to increase the death of tumor cells in colon cancer and leukemia. Furthermore, other pre-clinical studies revealed it could be used to stop the spread of tumoral cells in cervical cancer.

Whether you may be still a little skeptical about the uses of CBD in everyday life, it’s vital to know and understand technology keeps moving forward, and every day there’s a new discovery. Let’s try all the benefits plants have for us.

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